The Key to My Heart Lies With…

Many of us wait for someone to complete us or to save us.

What are we being saved from?  Ourselves?  Our past?  Our hurts?  Our attic full of undealt with things?

It is when we stick our head into the very things that we fear that we begin to move through our feelings and while those things might always be there, they lose some of their power as we name them and welcome them in.

We run from ourselves, so we must also come back home to ourselves and make peace in order to be freed.  No one else can do the work.  No one can save us.  A good support system can hold our hand, but ultimately we always have to do the work.

Many times, we look to a new relationship to give us love and fulfill our needs for intimacy, but there is still the unresolved issues that seep to the surface causing issues with us and in our relationships.

I have found that my need for being in relationship with myself and being able to unlock my own caged heart has been what I have been waiting for all along.  What a surprise it was that it wasn’t an attractive man coming into my life that could rescue my heart.  That I am my own warrior, here to save the day.  It has taken much sorting and clearing of the clouds in order for me to see this.

Here’s a short writing I did recently.  Separate, but one.  Like I am not only myself, but also the warrior queen coming to save me like a fairy tale where the princess awaits her knight.  Every girl’s Disney princess fantasy with a plot twist.  Haha…


I’ve been waiting here, watching you from the other side of this cage that holds your heart captive. 

For years, I’ve tried to get your attention, but you’ve been busy and have ignored me. 

I hold the key to your heart, the key you’ve been waiting for. 

I know I don’t look the way you expected me to. 

I’m your mirror image. 

I am you.  We are one.

Here is the key, now hang on because this key gives you wings and the power to fly.

Never let go of your power. 

It is never to be given away. 

You have waited your whole life for this. 

Now embrace it.  


Published by: artofmyvoice

I am an aspiring gypsy. I love to travel and want to see the whole world! I love to see how people live and hear their stories. This blog started as a way for me to use my voice and share my stories in hopes that others would read and realize they are not alone in the crazy world we live in. It is through story telling and sharing that we weave together the threads of humanity and connect with each other.

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